IHA Wels 2004


Erste Ausstellung für Ares' Kinder


Familienbild von links: Jenny (Mama), Eros, Kira (Elis) ,Tina (Elana) und Ares (Papa)


Elana (Rufname: Tina) - Vielversprechend

Very promising, head in coming, nice eyes, real good bones and strong pasterns, well angulated specially in the rear, 

nice chest, in good length, enough forechest, nice coat, moves very well for age - very promising


Elis (Rufname: Kira) - Vielversprechend

Ver promising head, with nice eyes, good bite, and already nice topline, very good bones, well angulated, nice pasterns, good chest, 

moves well but little loose in elbows, a dog with a real nice expression, very promising



Eros - Vielversprechend

Real nice head for the age, nice expression, good eyes, good bite, real good bone and angulation, nice feet, very good topline,

the chest and forechest are very good for the age, moves very good, good coat and condition, a real promising young male - very promising